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Where the Buffalo Roam -- First Comic on the Internet

In 1991, Where the Buffalo Roam become the Internet's first regularly updated comic strip, when it was scanned and posted daily to its own USENET newsgroup, which still can be found in dusty corners of the Internet at alt.comics.buffalo-roam.

Since then, WTBR has migrated from USENET to the Web. Alas, we cannot claim the title of "first Web comic" -- that distinction belongs to "Dr. Fun". Neither can we claim the title of First JavaScript-Navigable Comic ("Jax & Co.") or First Completely Indecipherable Web Comic ("Net Boy"). However, WTBR is the first Internet comic strip to ever use the phrase "diddle-dee-dee, yabba yabba nincompoop" on its Web site. So there.

This site was designed by Holley Irvine of Ozone Patrol fame. She designed and produced all Web graphics, layouts and JavaScript functionality. You can reach her at ozone@shadowculture.com .

Pleas note that since WTBR is officially a "Web-savvy" feature, we will soon be coming to market with a zillion-dollar IPO. Please note that while "WTBRnet" doesn't have revenue, employees, or any Web technologies beyond a rhesus monkey and a "Simon," it does have the word "net" in it. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be offered exclusively to investors who are either mildly retarded or members of the Republican party.