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Take WTBR home with you!

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You can order "Where the Buffalo Roam" books right online! If you like what you see on this site, you'll love these books (yes, actual books, each over 170 pages!). Perfect for friends, family, coworkers, pets and, of course, trusted clergy. Choose from two epic tomes. .

Book 1
Chock full o' depravity and smut!

Book 1: Where the Buffalo Roam
A crude but effective chronicle of youthful exuberance, this covers the collegiate gamut, from fake IDs to sex & food to adventures with Nietzsche. Take the Wastiod Quiz, battle parking nazis, and experience the "Woop! Woop! Woop!" of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the web of the Shroom Patrol. $10 each.

Book 2
Less actual smut . . . but we make up for it in sacrilege!

Book 2: Artists in the Real World
Graduate to a world of absurd jobs, strong coffee, Jesus, phone sex, cosmology and the future. You may hate Mondays, but you'll love Frontal Nudity Mondays! $10 each.

Now so cheap, who cares if they suck!?

Where the Buffalo Roam T-shirts
We're going out of the T-shirt business, because keeping T-shirt inventory in your garage is really a royal pain in the ass. That means these suckers are dirt cheap: $15 each (regular price: $500 each!). Heck, you could buy a "Dan Quayl for Presidant" T-shirt for that kind of pittance. Shirts are black-on-white, 100% cotton, with a snazzy WTBR logo on front and the cartoon on back. As the table below indicates, please note that not all sizes and designs are available.


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